Established in 2014 by second generation publican Mitchell Waugh, PHMG creates a world class hospitality experience throughout its eclectic mix of venues. Mateship, excellence and a dynamic approach are at its core with these qualities showcased through the group of individuals who deliver the PHMG experience and bring the venues to life.

With iconic venues such as the The Royal Hotel in Paddington, The Toxteth in Glebe, The Marrickville Ritz and Minskys Hotel in Cremorne, PHMG has a diverse portfolio offering quality food and beverages as well as a great experience.

Owners Mitchell and Harriet Waugh believe strongly in building a business that is community centric. With a key focus on ensuring PHMG venues are at the heart of the local community in which they sit, the group gives back through charitable activity and support of local schools and sports teams.

PHMG promotes a see something do something attitude encouraging a positive culture which strives for excellence on every step of the hospitality journey. We can’t wait to see you in one of our venues soon.